Fitbit for ‌dogs : Intelligent Healthcare platform for sick pets
Wearable to track heart-beat & activity monitoring.

Wearable base
real-time pet-healthcare.

‌Convient mobile pet healthcare data  link to medicare record.

After surgery patient

Compare price & distance
‌animal hospital 

Use of operation.

Petmate change pet-care culture.
We developed a heart-beat & activity sensor solve to help pet-healthcare problem.
Wearable based(activity situation analysis) health check in house pet-life, which offers a service that reserve healthcare by searching nearby animal hospital and compare-price, so that it reduces time and cost on struggling to find pet-care with credit card payment and quick payment.

Over 10y pet-owner want to know healtchare.

There are quite a few as over 80% of our users are located in the bit city like a Washing‌ton and San Francisco we are looking forward to working from an actual office and avoiding the dreaded “pet-care operator” Our not-at-all-jealous team members decided that it would be interesting for pet-care environment to document both his expectations and fresh reactions to cultural and business differences between each case. Besides a fun story, we are hoping to pick up some valuable tips that could be useful for other businesses in expansion mode.

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